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Boom baseado em dívida é insustentável
By Antony Mueller | Modern central banking claims to make the money…

Como o capitalismo salvou as abelas

"You’ve heard the story: Honeybees are disappearing. Beginning in 2006, beekeepers began reporting mysteriously large losses to their honeybee hives over the winter. The bees weren’t just dying—they were abandoning their hives altogether. The strange phenomenon, dubbed colony collapse disorder, soon became widespread. Ever since, beekeepers have reported higher-than-normal honeybee deaths, raising concerns about a coming silent spring.
"The media swiftly declared disaster. Ti...
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A decade after colony collapse disorder began, pollination entrepreneurs…

A interpretação errado do marxismo do papel do capitalista

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Encontre sua posição

Por onde vai nosso dinheiro?

Orçamento previsto pra todos os projetos via Lei Rouanet em 2018: R$ 1,43 bilhões. Orçamento discricionário do Ministério da Cultura INTEIRO de 2017: R$500 milhões. Pensões para filhas de militares: R$ 5 bilhões.
Texto de Bernardo Mosqueira


Why people are poor? Because they don’t have income. Why don’t they have income? Because they don’t have jobs. Why don’t they have jobs? Because there are not enough small/medium businesses. Why there aren’t many businesses? Because there are too much government in the way. Regulations, high tariffs, bureaucracies, corruptions......make it too hard to start a business in Africa, also foreign aids and "charitable" donations are destroying local economies and killing entrepreneurs. Economic freedom is a poverty cure.

Teoria monetária moderna

Market Monetarists on Modern Monetarists.

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In recent years, a radical and unorthodox school of thought called “Modern…

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Competitividade internacional

"Ranking de competitividade do Fórum Econômico Mundial mostra que, sem respeito aos direitos básicos dos cidadãos, sufocados pela regulamentação governamental, o país regride"
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Números do Fórum Econômico Mundial mostram que, sem respeito aos…

A próxima crise financeira esta chegando
By Antony Mueller | The next financial crisis is just around the corner. It is…

Novos métodos como medir a pobreza

The fight to end extreme poverty is revealing a developing dichotomy. On the one hand, extreme poverty continues to be stubborn in certain parts of the world, while in others it has become minuscule or non-existent. In about half of the world’s countries, less than 3 percent of the population is living on less than $1.90 a day – but that doesn’t mean the fight to eradicate poverty is over in these countries.
Recognizing this divergence, a new World Bank report – Poverty and...
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Marxismo cultural

Reservas em ouro
What is the central bank of Hungary suddenly so worried about?