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Karl Heinrich Marx is known as a German philosopher, economist and revolutionary socialist. How did the man who railed against economic and…

Conferência estadual de SFL

Vietnam - crescimento econômico

So how did this growth miracle happen? According to analysts from the World Bank and the think tank Brookings, Viet Nam’s economic rise can be explained by three main factors: “First, it has embraced trade liberalization with gusto. Second, it has complemented external liberalization with domestic reforms through deregulation and lowering the cost of doing business. Finally, Viet Nam has invested heavily in human and physical capital, predominantly through public investments.”
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Once one of the world's poorest countries, today Viet Nam is a booming…

Crise de emprego do Brasil

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A deterioração do mercado de trabalho é um dos efeitos mais dramáticos…

Teoria de Kirzner

”The two extremes, simply stated, are "equilibrium always" and "equilibrium never." The "equilibrium always" view is the strict neoclassical/Chicago perspective which never permits us to consider a world in which everything is not completely adjusted. The other extreme is one in which there are no systematic, overriding tendencies that could lead to regularity. I don't think an Austrian economist can be satisfied with either of these positions.
“Austrian economics cannot be "...
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Apertura econômica


Despite what some Modern Monetary Theorists think, Congress can't avoid issuing more bonds, or raising more tax revenue, to pay for expensive projects like the Green New, or a wall along the Mexican border, just by minting a special coin. https://www.alt-m.org/2019/03/20/mmts-big-coin-gambit/ Steve Horwitz Alex Tabarrok Alex Salter Donald J. Boudreaux Yaron Brook Ylan Q. Mui David R. Henderson Phil Magness Peter Selgin

George Selgin takes on the trillion dollar coin idea offered by Modern…

Quem são os bilionários?

The Cato Institute
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Today’s economy is dominated by entrepreneurial innovation, which is generating rapid turnover in the ranks of the wealthy. Fully 43% of the people on the Forbe...
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