quinta-feira, 28 de junho de 2018

A fome do povo

"As pessoas estão com fome: é porque aqueles em autoridade consomem muito em impostos."
Lao Tzu (+ 533 AC)

Ciclos e crises

“It's hard to say what is the most rare, most hard to find, most buried important book, in the history of the Austrian School. But this splendid and critically important treatise would certainly be among the nominees.
“Until this edition, this book has been darn-near impossible to obtain short of stealing from the Library of Congress. As a matter of fact, it has been mysteriously missing off the shelves there for years, so the only copies extant have been photocopies of photocopies 50 times over.
“So at last: we can present to you Crises and Cycles by one of the greats.
“During the thick of the Great Depression, the same year as John Maynard Keynes came out with his treatise, Wilhelm Röpke made this contribution to macroeconomics: an excellent exposition of the Austrian Cycle theory in the tradition of Mises and Hayek.
“He refutes Keynes before Keynes became popular, and also provides an argument against other prevailing theories. Röpke is not perfect: while his analysis is excellent, he recommends a reflation after deflation. Nonetheless, this is an important and much-sought-after treatise by an important member of the Austrian School.”
It's hard to say what is the most rare, most hard to find, most buried…

terça-feira, 26 de junho de 2018

Consequências das tarifas

"In enacting restrictive measures governments and parliaments have hardly ever been aware of the consequences of their meddling with business. Thus, they have blithely assumed that protective tariffs are capable of raising the nation’s standard of living, and they have stubbornly refused to admit the correctness of the economic teachings concerning the effects of protectionism. The economists’ condemnation of protectionism is irrefutable and free of any party bias. For the economists do not say that protection is bad from any preconceived point of view. ***They show that protection cannot attain those ends which the governments as a rule want to attain by resorting to it.*** They do not question the ultimate end of the government’s action; they merely reject the means chosen as inappropriate to realize the ends aimed at." Mises, Human Action, p. 745.
Making America Poor Again....

Economistas contra tarifas

segunda-feira, 25 de junho de 2018

Como arruinar uma economia - o caso da Argentina

Mises Summer School

O Mises Summer School 2019 será realizado entre os dias 7 e 10 de fevereiro, dessa vez em Conchas, no interior de São Paulo. Tratando de temáticas interdisciplinares entre a Ciência Política, o Direito, a Economia e Filosofia, o curso dá ao participante uma visão ampla do que é a vasta tradição de pensamento da Escola Austríaca. Os estudantes desfrutarão de toda a tranquilidade em uma fazenda no interior do Estado de São Paulo, enquanto aprimoram seus conhecimentos e interagem com austríacos de todo o Brasil. Já fez sua inscrição?
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