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Qual é o problema com a teoria keynesiana?

Edward Elgar has published a new book edited by Steven Kates on “What’s Wrong with Keynesian Economics,” which contains a chapter ‘The Misdirection of Keynesian Aggregates for Understanding Monetary and Business Cycle Processes’. The volume also has important contributions by Peter Boettke, Roger Garrison, Steven Horwitz, Steven Kates, George Reisman, Mark Skousen, Arnold Kling, Art Laffer, David Simpson, Per Bylund, Tim Congdon, and Peter Smith.
Given the revival of the Keynesian mindset since the financial and housing crisis of 2008-2009, I believe that the contributions in this volume offer a valuable counter-weight, and with many of the contributors doing so from within the alternative “Austrian” tradition.
The editor, Steven Kates, should be known to some informed readers as the brilliant author of “Say’s Law and the Keynesian Revolution” (1998) and the valuable introductory volume, “Free Market Economics: An Introduction for the General Reader” (2011), both published by Edward Elgar.
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