sábado, 28 de janeiro de 2017

O benefício do domércio internacional

Free trade doesn’t just make us better off.
It makes us better people.
Donald Trump claims that raising barriers to trade is one of the things it will take to “Make America Great Again,” but he is wrong. Greatness—both of wealth and of moral character—comes from trade. And we have known this for a very long time.
Back in the fourth century St John Chrysostom argued that God had arranged the geography of the world in such a way that humans would be required to trade with one another to meet their needs:
For, that the length of the way might not deter us from a mutual converse, God has given us a shorter road, the Sea, which lies near every Country; that the world being considered as one house, we may frequently visit one another, and mutually and easily communicate what each country affords peculiar to itself: so that each man who inhabits a small portion of the earth, enjoys whatever is produced elsewhere, as freely as if he were Master of the whole. And, as if we were at a well-furnished table, we need only stretch out our hand and give what stands before us to those who are places at a Distance from us, and in our turn receive from them what stands within their reach


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